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FDS Verify is a simple and quick to implement, yet powerful user mobile identity verification tool with advanced and configurable features which helps you increase your website user's monetisation worth.

The difference

A simple embed code which can be put on your website is all it takes to implement
Verify users' mobile numbers across the globe

The difference

Scale and load management is taken care by us. You just pay per use, i.e. users verified

What’s exciting

Having mobile verified users helps you to segregate your customer profiling in a better way.

What’s exciting

Plus, you have the advantage of knowing the most used geographic location of your users.
Gives a huge opportunity to execute inside sales

How it Works

Its very simple. You enter your web/mobile property and generate an embed code.You just need to include the code in your target page.
When the user logs in
A mobile verification box opens up and asks the user to verify his mobile to proceed. After he enters the mobile number, a 4 digit verification code is sent to his mobile
He enters the code in the Verify Me field and gets mobile verified

What's Next

Along with verification, you can use this tool as a Lead Gate during your online/digital marketing campaigns as well.
You can create a youtube video campaign with the video integrated with the lead gateway to collect mobile number of the viewers as well.


Incase you feel this can add value to your existing web/mobile property, we can talk more.
We would be happy to help you with the details. And being an early user, we have a surprise deal for you.

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